After 102-Year-Old Iona’s Cat Passes Away, Her Son Surprises Her With A Special Trip

If we’re lucky enough to live until a ripe old age, we’ll also have to endure losing loved ones who don’t make it as long; and it can cause loneliness.

That void is often filled with the love of a furry friend. That’s how 102-year-old Iona found companionship; with her beloved cat.

Unfortunately for this sweet elderly woman, her cat passed away leaving her more lonely than ever. It was breaking her son’s heart to see her that way, so he devised a plan to cheer her up.

He loaded Iona into the car and headed for the animal shelter. Thinking that it would be wonderful if his mother could find a new furry friend, it would also give a needy pet a happy home. What a great son!

Feeble little Iona walked into the shelter wide-eyed and headed right for the cat room.

A sweet little cat named Edward darted right toward her and snuggled up next to her as if he’d just chosen her as his own, and Iona lit up like a Christmas tree!

It couldn’t have been a more perfect match. They even share the same hair color – they’re adorable!

Anyone thinking that perhaps sweet Iona is too old to adopt her Edward can stop worrying. Her son told the shelter staff that Edward will always have a home ‘no matter what happens.’

One staff member who was definitely not concerned said it best…”To me, an animal gives you life, that a person can’t, or material things can’t.”

We wish Iona and Edward years of happiness.

Source: FaithTap

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