WOW! Little Girl Writes A Report On Cats – But There’s A Special Reason It’s Going VIRAL!

If you’re a parent of a child old enough to speak, then you’ve likely heard your child ask you for a pet. Children seem to have an inherent love of animals.

One 11-year-old girl’s report to her parents has gone virial. Why? Romesa wrote a 6-page report about why her parents should get her a cat.

The title of her report read “Why I would love a cat, Benefits of cats, and fixing problems. She included entire sections on the benefits of cats, why they need us and how she planned to address any problems.


Romesa made some good points as she impressed her parents. She pointed out that cats can warn of seizures, are good pets for kids and there are many cats in shelters who need a good home.

“I wanted to get one from a shelter, so I could save a cat because that’s really important to me,” she said. “I just really want a cat because it would change my life.


Perhaps her best argument was that she would have less screen time if she had a cat because she’d be too busy playing with the cat!


After reading the letter, Romesa’s sister Rimsha posted the letter on social media. Now the entire world is rooting for Romesa to finally get a cat.

Twitter users even started using the hashtag #letRomesahaveacat.

So, the burning question of the day is whether or not Romesa will get a pet cat. BuzzFeed reported that her dad seems convinced. Her mom is not quite so sure.

“I think chances are maybe 80% as of now, Romesa said.

So, what do you think? Should Romesa’s parents get her a cat just because she wrote a great report?

Should she be rewarded for her thoughtful arguments or are there other considerations that her parents should make?



Source: BuzzFeed



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