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12 dogs who will have you asking ‘Who’s a very good boi?’

Our dogs are always good, aren’t they? Even when they’re bad, they’re good. If you really love your boy (or girl) unconditionally there’s no pillow he can chew, no food he can pilfer, and no garbage he can shred that will make you feel any different.

Because after all, who could be mad at these little waddums, right?

Who could be upset at these little faces? Photo by Matthew Smith, license CC NC SA 2.0 via Flickr

I mean dogs improve our lives 100 percent right? With their playfulness and playing tug-of-war and cuddling with us, our days take on a much brighter outlook. It just makes you want to ask:

…Who’s a good boy?

Well, these 12 dogs right here, were all being good boys (and girls), BuzzFeed notes here and here. And um, even here.

Like this French bulldog fighting The Man

I would totally wear this shirt too! No one’s going to separate me from my pets.

And these two color-coordinated pooches who root for their favorite team

Then there’s this boy, who’s having a typical Monday

And this sweet dog who misses you before you even leave

The chihuahua who totes appreciates you for working so hard

This extra-special German Shepherd who may be the cutest boy you’ll ever see

This floof who has an opinion about … something

The French bulldog who wants to party

And these doxies, who are wild at heart

They were brave enough to brighten up this lion’s day.

And Tuna, the bulldog who thinks he’s a performance artist

We wonder how he got that name.

And this dog, who’s on the job

Bella who’s completely happy in her new home

We think that Bella has a million-watt smile. She’s completely adorable. Our canine companions excel at being cute — even when they’re a little bad. We hope these sweet doggos have brightened your day.

Featured image by ArgosPaw on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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