14-Year-Old Chloe Was Trapped, Deep In The Mountains. Just When All Hope Was Lost…

Most pet owners make their animal companions a part of their lives. They love to include their dogs on walks, trips, even family vacations. And most dogs are happy to oblige, joining their masters in everything they do.

But sometimes that can unforeseen trouble.

If you live in a state like Colorado, chances are you hike. A lot. It’s a great way to experience nature and stay in shape. Dogs owners hike too, often bringing their pups along for the invigorating journeys.

That’s just what the Osborne family did on a regular basis with their dog, Chloe. Chloe was no novice. At 14-years old, this pup has spent many an hour walking with her owners. That includes more than a few treks into the mountains!

But one trip was met with disaster. The old dog became separated from her family. Soon she was lost, the Osborne’s frantic to find her. At the base of a mountain as big as Mt. Bross, all the searching in the world was fruitless.

When the days stretched into weeks, the family started to give up. After six long weeks, they knew their precious pup was gone. Lost in the cold, unforgiving slopes of a mountain, even a youthful pup wouldn’t last long. But a dog that’s 14-years old? Chloe didn’t stand much of a chance.

That’s when Trinity Smith and Sean Nichols come in. As avid hikers, they weren’t strangers to the slopes of Mt. Bross. They were on a hike, just like many others before, when they heard barking. This was no ordinary sound, but the desperate cries of a dog. Being kind-hearted folk, they decided to halt their usual trip and go searching.

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It took two days of searching, but they found the source of the barking. An older dog, stuck on a rock. In this precarious position, she couldn’t come down herself. But with some effort, Smith and Nichols were able to rescue the dog. They posted their story to a hiking website. And lo and behold, Chloe’s family learned about her rescue!

It was nothing short of a miracle that 14-year old Chloe survived that long. She went from being a 90-lb. dog to a 26-lb. waif—but she was alive! Chloe was taken to an animal hospital to receive care and be reunited with her family.

After rumors of a dog crying & 2 days of scrambling along the side of a 14er, we finally brought this sweet baby down to…

Posted by Trinity Smith on Friday, September 22, 2017

Larry Osborne, Chloe’s owner, was beaming with gratitude. “It’s a really tight-knit community — but it’s really good to know that with all the bad in the world — there’s still a lot of good. So I thank those guys a lot.”

I couldn’t say it better myself.

Source: iHeart Dogs

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