2 Dogs On Daily Walk Suddenly Pull Owner Into The Woods…And Now They Are Heroes

Some dogs make a career out of being heroes. Some of them sniff for drugs at airports. Others search for human survivors among debris after tragedy strikes.

Others work alongside their human police officers on the job. Still others enter war zones with their human soldier friends.

Some dogs just spend their lives being adored and adorable in their happy family. And then, there are dogs like Belle and Crew who end up being heroes unexpectedly.

Belle and Crew didn’t start out the day deciding to be heroes before nightfall.  But, they didn’t waver when they were called into duty in a most unexpected way.

They were out on an evening walk near their home in Wixom, Michigan when they met a man who was out looking for his 64-year-old wife.

She suffered from dementia and had wandered from their home.

Belle and Crew’s dad, Mark White, assured him they would keep an eye peeled for her. The man gave them his name and address and thanked them for their help.

The rest of the walk went pretty much as usual. Both of the dogs trotting along happily at the end of their leads.

Then, suddenly, the dogs both stopped short and looked towards a wooded area across the street from their usual walk route. White tried to get them to move forward, but they refused.

Then they began to pull him towards the woods. After only a brief look around, White saw a woman sitting among the trees.

They walked up and White said hello. The woman was grateful to have an escort back to the home she couldn’t remember.

When they arrived back at her house, they found that the police had already been alerted and were on the job.

Wixom’s police chief, Ron Moore praised Mike and his canine sidekicks’ quick thinking. He told WXYZ ABC News. “This is a great story because we value our partnership with our community.

He was quite impressed with the job that White and his dogs had done. So much so that he created a post online publicly thanking them for their work.


Some dogs work every day doing the job they were bred and born to do. They are the usual heroes of stories that highlight dogs doing great things to help others.

Some dogs don’t have any special training or abilities. They just know when someone needs help and they step in to get the job done.

Thank you Belle and Crew for using your instinct to help a nice lady get back to the family that loves and missed her.

Your dad assured us that you’ll be getting lots of treats in the future for your hard work.

If he doesn’t come through, you let us know. We think you deserve only the best!

Source: Doggiescare

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