80+ Great Danes Rescued, Look At The Unbelievable Place Where This Monster Hid The Suffering Pups

We hear sad stories about puppy mills on a daily basis.

They are usually located on desolate farms where the deplorable conditions aren’t seen by others.

Unfortunately, many pet shops continue buying their puppies for resale, even knowing where they come from, with the parents of the puppies living their entire lives in small, dirty cages, never feeling the love of human touch.

This is one of those stories, but thankfully, the puppy mill was found and these gentle giants have been rescued.

According to The Humane Society of The United States, the Wolfeboro Police Department in New Hampshire issued search and arrest warrants that were served on “Christina Fay [who] was arrested on two counts of animal neglect. Additional charges will likely be filed.”

According to FoxNews8, “The police chief said it’s the worst conditions he’s ever seen in his 21 years in law enforcement.”

“Words cannot describe the absolute abhorrent conditions these animals were living in,” said Chief Dean Rondeau.

So how did she get away with having a puppy mill breeding such big dogs? She had it hid in a mansion. The dogs were in cages that were entirely too small, and the whole place smelled of feces, ammonia, and raw chicken that overwhelmed the rescuers.

Many of the dogs also had terrible eye infections.

All of the dogs are now safe and receiving the medical attention they need. Some will have to be rehabilitated before they will be available for adoption.

Hats off to the Humane Society and the Wolfeboro Police Department for saving these poor dogs.

Watch their rescue below. Do you think they know that they are finally safe?


Source: Fox News 8

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