Hero Service Dog Saves Her Mom’s Life by Calling 911 — on Three Different Occasions

We all know that a service dog receives extensive training and they know what to do in certain situations. However, the animal we’re talking about today took things to a whole other level.

For a Labrador Retriever named Yolanda, owned by Maria Colon, the role of “service dog” is one she takes dead seriously.

She’s not just a caregiver — she’s a hero!

In fact, Yolanda is a hero several times over.

The first time Yolanda called 911

Maria went to check to see why Yolanda growling and discovered that the gas had been turned on in her apartment.

Both she and Yolanda could easily have died had Yolanda not alerted her to the problem.

By the time Maria made her way to the phone to call the police, she was told that they had already received the distress signal.

But wait, how is that possible?

Well, amazingly enough, Yolanda had been trained to react to the word “danger.” She was actually able to dial 9-1-1 using Maria’s telephone with large keys!

And that was only the first time!

The second time Yolanda called 911

Not long after the gas incident, Yolanda called for help when Maria tripped and knocked herself unconscious.

Indeed, she was lucky to have a smart friend like Yolanda nearby, taking care of her!

But Yolanda officially took on the title of “hero” to a whole other level recently. You see, a fire broke out in Maria’s home.

One evening Maria woke up and smelled smoke. She could hear the crackle of flames and knew that her life was in danger.

She shouted for help, but who would be able to hear her? And would they be on time?

Luckily, Yolanda was there.

When she heard Maria’s calls for help and heard the word danger, she sprang into action and dialed 9-1-1 yet again.

Then she led Maria out of the house to safety

Firefighters arrived almost immediately and were able to bring the blaze under control.

Once again, Yolanda’s quick thinking and excellent training had saved Maria’s life (and Yolanda’s)!

Maria was taken to Nazareth Hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation.

Thanks to Yolanda, her injuries were not that severe.

Yolanda was brought to Penn Ryan Veterinary Hospital where she animal specialists examined her.

She, too, was treated for light smoke inhalation, and she had suffered a scratched eye during the escape.

Thankfully, that was the extent of her injuries.

The doctors were well aware that they were treating a dog that was a genuine hero, too!

The two best friends didn’t see each other until the next evening

But what a joyful reunion that was! Yolanda couldn’t stop wagging her tail and kissing Maria’s face.

Everyone could tell that she was overjoyed to see that her friend was well and happy.

Maria told everyone what a hero Yolanda was.

Without her help, there’s no telling what might have happened…

Their life has gotten back pretty much to normal now.

Yolanda is happy so long as Maria is beside her, and she is determined to keep Maria happy and healthy at all costs. And Maria knows that she is safe so long as Yolanda is nearby.

What a beautiful friendship!

Source: Honest To Paws

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