Abandoned And Starving, The Vet Discovers That’s Only The Beginning Of Poor Stanley’s Hardships

Stray dogs aren’t usually in the best condition.

Therefore, when kindhearted rescuers find strays and abandoned pets, they expect some problems.

But even those who have seen the worst of the worst can break down when faced with a particularly heartbreaking case.

That’s what happened to Animal Control Officers when they went into an abandoned house in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Inside they found Stanley, an adorable jet black pup who was hopelessly waiting for his owners to return.

But not only was he starving and lonely, he had another problem:

When rescuers got close, they realized he was also covered in fleas and on top of it all, the poor thing had heartworms, too.

Well, they took him back to the shelter and Stanley received the medical attention he so desperately needed.

Now he’s on intravenous fluids and he is expected to make a complete recovery.

That all being said, the animal control officer will never forget Stanley. As the group director said:

“The animal control officer was crying when she brought him in.

I tear up each time I look at his photo. Nevertheless, I really cried when I meet him. As sick as he is he just wants you to cuddle with him.”

The entire team is working to raise money to cover all the medical expenses; any help they get would be much appreciated!

And Stanley has turned out to be a very loving pup, so here’s hoping he catches someone’s eye.

Dogs like these have been through enough pain and suffering. Now they deserve some love.

No…LOTS of love.

Source: DoggiesCare

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