Horribly Abused Dog Goes To Her New Home And Her Reaction Is Priceless

Abuse stories spark outrage among animal lovers, as well they should. No animal deserves to be abused or neglected for any reason.

Cora was desperately in need of a new home. She was first found by PETA staff at only six months of age.

She was found chained outside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And she wasn’t alone. Several other dogs were living in the same deplorable conditions.

PETA volunteers visited the dogs when they could and offered them fresh food, water and clean bedding.

For unknown reasons, PETA was unable to obtain custody of the dogs and police did not remove them from their home.

Years passed until PETA was finally able to remove Cora and get her the medical care and affection she so desperately needed.

She was found with a chain wrapped so tightly around her neck that it was embedded in her skin.

Cora was treated and eventually placed into foster care until a permanent home could be found. When she finally arrived at her forever home, her reaction was priceless.

Cora enters cautiously but quickly makes herself right at home. Her new mom pets her, loves on her and scratches her back.

Cora’s happiness just bursts out of the images. She had probably never been so happy in her life as she was at that moment.

No doubt the PETA staff and volunteers who had cared for Cora were also thrilled to see her in her forever home.

After years of watching her suffer, watching her heal and now watching her leave for her forever home, their purpose in her life is complete.


Source: I Heart Dogs



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