Maddie Smith's kitty Ruby and the Himalayan salt lamp that caused all the trouble. Photo by Rose Avenue Hospital via Facebook

After Her Cat Nearly Died — Devastated Owner Issues Warning About Salt Lamps

Here at Animals Melt my Heart, it’s very important to us to keep you up-to-date on things that can harm your pet. Today, we have some incredibly valuable information to share about salt lamps. Even veterinarians have been talking about this one.

If you have an animal in your home, it’s imperative that you keep reading.

Keep them safe!

As someone who owns cats and dogs, I’m always making sure that I don’t have anything in the house that could harm one of my animal friends.

For example, on the rare occasions that I eat chocolate, I make sure the dogs are outside. And even though I love Easter lilies, it’s been decades since I’ve bought one because they are deadly to cats. Even breathing in the pollen can be fatal for a kitty.

Our animal friends trust us to keep them safe. Photo by Dung Lai license CC NC SA 2.0 via Flickr

But sometimes I find out about something I’d never even heard of before — something new that can also harm my pets. This isn’t too unusual since I live in a remote outpost in the tropics. However, I’ve found out about one item you should definitely avoid if you own a cat or dog:

Himalayan salt lamps

I’d never heard of these lamps before, but these attractive pink rocks are trendy right now, BoredPanda reports. You place candles or lightbulb inside the what is essentially a giant chunk of pink salt.

Salt lamps are a potentially fatal temptation

But as cat owner Maddie Smith, of New Zealand, found out, these lamps can have dangerous consequences for cats. So she took to Facebook to let other cat owners know of the dangers Himalayan salt lamps pose for cats. Since then, even vet clinics have shared the post.

Continue reading to find out what happened to Ruby, Maddie’s sweet kitty.

Oh no!

One morning when Smith got out of bed, everyone noticed Ruby wasn’t her usual self and was “walking really strangely.” Maybe Ruby was cold, she thought, so she wrapped her in blankets before heading out for the day. When she came home, poor Ruby was feeling even worse.

So they rushed Ruby to the vet’s, where bloodwork showed the poor cat was suffering from severe salt poisoning.

Here’s Maddie’s post below, with a warning from a local vet clinic:

*****WARNING ABOUT SALT LAMPS!!Written by Maddie Smith of NZ (case happened in NZ at First Vets): Please please…

Posted by Rose Avenue Vet Hospital on Friday, June 28, 2019

Thankfully Ruby is a little fighter, and she’s recuperating with plenty of love from her family, but what a scare! If you have one of these lamps please keep it away from your pets. It’s what we do.

Because we love them

Kitty having a rest. Photo by cuatrok77, license CC SA 2.0 via Flickr

Other cat owners were grateful that Maddie shared this post, which may have saved cats’ lives. Many readers posted a word of thanks in the comments, as you can see here.

Courtesy of Rose Avenue Vet Hospital/Facebook

Indeed, our cats are far more precious than material objects. And Maddie’s post, shared by the Rose Avenue Vet Hospital has gone viral, with 41,000 comments and 67,000 shares.

It’s heartwarming that people care enough to share these things. Because we all know that our animal friends are worth it.

Share this story with your friends so they understand the possible dangers a salt lamp might pose in their home.

Featured image by Rose Avenue Vet Hospital via Facebook

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