This Puppy Was In The Agility Competition At Westminster – Steals The Show But Not For Her Skills

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the premier dog show in the world.

It is known to highlight the best purebred dogs of all breeds.

In 2013, Westminster added an agility competition open to all dogs. This includes rescue dogs and those who are not pure bred.

At this year’s show, a very young Beagle named Mia stole the show.

No, she didn’t win Best in Show. She didn’t win the agility competition. But Mia did win the hearts of all who see her performance.

Mia began the agility competition well enough. She jumps over hurdles, goes up and down a see saw, through a tunnel and then stops to check out an unfamiliar smell.

Don’t be a beagle,” the commentator jokes. “Come on!” The crowd cheers Mia on as she takes on the next obstacle. Her handler keeps encouraging her.

When it comes time to do a weaving obstacle, Mia gets interested in the crowd and then even in her girl parts. The crowd laughs and cheers her on.

She sails through the remaining hurdles but then stops and stairs straight into the camera before a climbing obstacle.

Throughout the entire course, Mia is smiling and wagging her tail enthusiastically.

Mia may not have won a blue ribbon, but she reminded all of those in attendance of the joy of having a dog.

She didn’t have to be perfect to be loved. She just had to be herself.

What a great lesson for all of us to learn from this lovable pup. Check out her performance in this video and let us know what you think.

Mia the beagle

Mia the beagle does whatever Mia the beagle wants. We love Mia. #WKCDogShow

Posted by FS1 on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Source: I Heart Dogs

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