Persistent Pup Refuses to Stop Barking at Her Mom’s Pregnant Belly

Dogs sometimes have a sense that we don’t have. They pick up on things, and though they can’t tell us what it is, they do their best to let us know.


Take this three-year-old American Akita named Keola. Alhanna Butler and her fiancé Ricky Burdis adopted her in 2014, and they were totally in love with the pup.

But their family kept expanding. Alhanna found out that she was pregnant a year later and they were elated.

Well, everyone seemed to be excited but Keola. She began barking incessantly at Alhanna.

On a regular doctor visit, Alhanna complained of back pain. Her doctor told her it was just part of her pregnancy and not to worry.

She wouldn’t stop barking

So she went back home and continues to prepare the nursery, except Keola is still barking at her constantly!

She becomes concerned that the dog may be jealous of the unborn baby and the thought of having to get rid of her beloved pup depresses her.

What’s going on?

She goes on social media to ask if anyone knows what’s causing it, showing the dog behind her crying and barking.

Her friends said maybe the pup was trying to tell her something and she should take it seriously.

Alhanna made an appointment with the doctor, and it’s a good thing she did!

Oh my!

She was immediately rushed to intensive care with a double kidney infection. It was a rare form that was antibiotic resistant that could have killed both her and the baby.

She knew immediately who had saved their lives – her precious Keola.

She got well and later delivered a beautiful baby boy.

Keola and the baby, Lincoln, are best friends.

Why wouldn’t they be? Keola has loved her baby brother before he was even born.

What a beautiful story.

Source: The Buzz Tube

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