Lost and Trapped, Hope Was Fading Until Felix Heard A Strange Buzzing Noise & Realized He Wasn’t Alone!

What would you do if you’re dog went missing?

You would probably do everything you could to get them back, right?

Well, that’s exactly what Sarah Stremming did when her dog, Felix, went missing on Christmas day.

She was hiking in Ecola State Park in Oregon with him when all of a sudden she couldn’t find him anywhere. She got her friends together and they all went out searching for him for hours.

When that didn’t work she posted a message on Facebook begging for other dog lovers’ help in finding him.

She said she thought she new the general area he had to be, and she believe him to be in some kind of trouble.


It’s a good thing she did post that message on Facebook, because Matthew Verley, a volunteer firefighter, saw it.

He instantly knew what he could do to find Felix, so he headed to the state park after making some calls to other first responders, as reported by Animal Rescue Site

Verley owned a drone, which he was able to use to search the cliffside for Felix. With the aid of the drone, it didn’t take long for responders to find the lost pup.

It became clear that the only way to get to Felix would be by descending the cliff via a high-angle rope rescue.


Seaside Fire Lieutenant Genesee Dennis handled the task, braving the steep terrain to recover Felix from a precipice 60 feet from the crest of the Clatsop Loop trail.

The rescue, which took three hours, happened to be the lieutenant’s first since earning his certification.

Needless to say, Stremming was ecstatic to get her dog back safe and sound.


When first responders handed Felix to her, she completely broke down.

It’s great to see such a happy ending. Felix has been safely restored to his owner because of the brave first responders who are willing to risk their lives each day to keep us and our furry friends safe.

You can catch the heart-wrenching moment he was rescued in the video below.

Source: Animal Rescue Site

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Written by Margo Phillips

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