Anka Is Hit By A Car And Permanently Paralyzed…All Hope Is Lost Until A Miracle Happens That No One Saw Coming

If you’ve never visited Istanbul, Turkey, here’s a travel tip:

Cats own the streets.

Not literally, of course, but the furry felines have had their way in the city for thousands of years.

The citizens look out for them and care for them; it’s as if every cat has hundreds and hundreds of owners.

But one poor kitty probably could’ve used a stable home because one day as he was crossing the street, he almost lost one of his nine lives.

The cat, named Anka, was struck by a car and suffered a spinal injury.

And though doctors desperately tried to help him, the emergency surgery couldn’t restore Anka to normal working order.

But the Istanbul rescuers didn’t give up and they arranged to fly Anka to a veterinary neurologist in the U.S.

It was undoubtedly a long flight for the injured cat but everyone’s hopes were high…

That is, until the neurologist here confirmed the bad news: Anka was permanently paralyzed and there was nothing anyone could do.

That’s when Tabby’s Place stepped in.

Tabby’s Place is a cat sanctuary in New Jersey and it was the perfect home for Anka, so says the sanctuary’s development director Angela Hartley:

Permanently paraplegic, Anka needed a sanctuary that could provide for all his medical needs and give him a whole lifetime of love.

And so, Anka’s angels reached out to Tabby’s Place.

The instant Anka arrived, everyone fell in love with him.

Due to his injury, Anka can’t use the litter box and has difficulty moving about, as you can imagine, but that hasn’t dampened his spirits a bit.

In fact, Hartley says the cat doesn’t even seem to acknowledge his disability:

Anka has no sense that anything is ‘wrong’ or ‘different’ about him.

Of course, it would take a very, very special person or family to adopt this dear boy, but we believe they are out there.

And maybe they are. Maybe that person is you.

If you find this story inspiring (and of course you do!), you might just want a survivor and an internet legend as a pet!

One thing’s for certain: Anka will love you forever.

Source: The Dodo

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