When She Was Attacked On The Street, This Unlikely “Hero” Came Out Of Nowhere To…

Baldwin Georgia doesn’t seem like the kind of place where an assault is very likely.

So a jogger on the safe streets of Baldwin was as shocked as she was terrified when the man she was arguing with suddenly attacked her!

Meanwhile, a homeless pit bull was just looking for a free meal and a safe place to sleep.

That’s when he happened up on trouble he wasn’t expecting. He didn’t run away however, he stayed around, and by doing so most likely saved a woman’s life.

He heard a woman and man in the middle of a heated argument. The voices grew  angrier. The dog saw a glint of sunshine on steel as the man pulled out a knife.

Then he heard the woman scream. The sound spurred him into action.

He hurled himself at the man, taking his attention away from the woman. She fled the scene, unharmed, leaving the man and the dog alone.

Before the man finally gave up, he managed to stab the dog five times.

By the time police officers arrived, the dog was bleeding badly and was very weak. Two of the officers, impressed by the dog’s valor, picked him up, put him in their police car and sped him to a veterinarian.

Officer Timothy Clay told the local news station in an interview: “The dog then lunged toward the male and the male came out with the knife and stabbed the dog several times.”

He said they couldn’t just let him die after what he’d done. He likely saved that woman’s life.
Considering that it is the job of officers in some cities around the world to kill any bully breed on sight, the dog was very lucky the incident happened where it did.

The story immediately made local headlines and went viral on social media. Carla Welch with Fighting for The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue in Knoxville, Tennessee saw the story. She knew immediately that she had to help.

She began raising money to pay for the dog’s veterinary bills and then offered to take him in until a permanent home could be found for him. There are many rescues around the country that do their best to educate the public on the truth about pit bulls (or “pibbles” as those who love the breed call them).

Welch told WATE in an interview: “He has had a really rough life. He has had a bum back leg and a bum front leg. But he gets around fine and he’s looking for a good friend.” 

Despite his rough start and recent trauma, nothing has kept the big goofy smile off his face. And his tail never stopped wagging.

He found that friendship he deserves in the form of David and Sara Simpson. When they saw the story of the dog now known as “Hero” they knew they wanted to share life with him.

They didn’t mind the scars and disabilities. It was easy to fall in love with his sweet smile and gentle disposition. They’re happy now to be living with such a great ambassador for a much-maligned breed.

It was discovered that Hero had a microchip, although it led to a dead end in the search for his previous home. Perhaps he had come to the woman’s defense remembering a woman that had loved him in a previous life?

No one will ever know. We’re just all glad that he proved that his heart is as big as the rest of him.

The big pibble wasn’t the only one that deserved the title of hero though. The police officers involved handled the situation perfectly.

They didn’t judge the dog by his appearance but reacted only to his actions. And they treated him in a manner befitting such a hero.

Far too many officers and civilians in a similar circumstance would have likely reacted quite differently. In too many cases, the pit bull in the picture would have been euthanized or shot simply for looking the way he did.

Welch agrees: “For those two officers to go to the extent they did to save him is very heroic and very awesome.”

We are impressed with everyone involved. Except for the guy with the knife.

Maybe he’s going to have a lot of time behind bars to think about what he’s done.

Thankfully, the big pit bull fellow is going to have lots of time in a great home to dream about what lies ahead. He’s already fulfilled everyone’s dream of being a hero.

Now, he can just relax and dream about big dog biscuits and soft beds.

Source: Mirror



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