Autistic Boy Meets A Dying Dog, Then A True Miracle Happens

This story is about two sweet souls that needed each other.

Jonny Hickey is an eight-year-old with autism who didn’t speak much.

Jonny did okay around his family, but when in a new environment around strangers he would be terrified.
The dog in this story, Xena, was severely abused and nearly starved to death.She was in such poor shape when she was found that no one expected her to survive.

But Xena was a fighter. The shelter helped her recover and placed her up for adoption. Jonny’s family saw the ad and saw that there was going to be an event to meet Xena. They loaded up and went to the event. Little Xena was immediatley drrawn to Jonny.

They immediately adopted Xena when seeing the bond between the two.
“From that very first day, that dog was sitting in his lap in the car seat, giving him all these kisses,” Jonny’s mother said. “And that’s where she’s been ever since.”
They’ve also noticed a big change in Jonny. His mother explained – “We’ve spent thousands of dollars on therapy, and I just said to myself that is the best therapy, standing, four-legs, in my family room.”

It’s obvious that they love each other and both feel more confident together. Jonny has less anxiety, and most of all he has a new best friend.

Source: Pawpulous



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