Fussy Baby Won’t Eat Dinner, Look What The Dog Does That Cracks Everyone Up!

This is too cute!

Have you ever tried to feed a baby that didn’t want to eat? If you have, you know well the frustration of aiming food at a mouth that becomes a moving target as the rest of the kid wobbles all over his chair trying to find a way down.

It may be easy to take candy away from a baby, but it’s not always so easy to make them take the food you know is good for them.

A baby trying to avoid getting food put into his mouth closely resembles a squirrel trying to cross a busy road. Little to the left, back to the right, aha, you missed me, little to the left and back.

Not even a pro boxer can bob and weave like a toddler who is trying to avoid his dinner.


After a while, even the most patient of parents considers getting a funnel and just pouring everything in. Yet, still, they try with all the tried and true methods.

But, way too many times the “airplane” can’t get off the tarmac, much less into the hangar. And, the little engine that could can chug all day but still not make it to the right station.

Everything in the room ends up covered with baby food. Including the baby. But very little into his little baby stomach.

This is the story of how one baby boy adamantly refused to eat his supper. He demanded to be taken out of his high chair so he could see the world.

At that point, it’s time to think outside the baby cereal box. And that’s just what one creative set of parents did.

They called for reinforcements. In a most unlikely way. In the form of the family dog.



You’ll never guess who they called to come in and share dinner with them! The family dog.

Their dog is one of the baby’s favorite people, so as soon as it sat down in front of his chair, the baby calmed down. Dad tossed a green bean in the air and the dog neatly caught it.

The dog mesmerized the baby. Again and again, the dog jumped for green beans. And again and again, the baby laughed and allowed Mom to put food into his mouth.

Once he got into a good mood it was no problem for mom and dad to get the airplane and train both all the way into the hangar and station. Problem solved.

Watch the adorable exchange with the dog unfold. It’s as though the dog knew what his job was.

Family life is always better with a dog around. We all know that. But this is the first time we’ve known of a dog being useful in this particular way. It’s a win win all around. The baby got his healthy supper and the dog got a nice healthy green bean snack. Bone appetit!

Source: All Cute All The Time

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