Baby Elephant Faces Certain Death, Can Rescuers Save Him In Time?

The cries of a struggling creature filled the air. A vulnerable infant, trapped, facing certain doom.

A precious baby elephant was traveling near Siliguri in West Bengal, India with its herd. Sadly, these wild animals aren’t at all familiar with human technology.

So, when this baby elephant spotted a large, fresh body of water, it left the herd and decided to investigate it.

But this wasn’t a pond or lake. This was a man-made reservoir, with high, thick cement walls. The gentle creature fell in and could not climb over these barriers. And with the waters practically above its head, it wouldn’t last long.

Word traveled fast about the creature’s problem. It reached the Indian Army, twenty-five kms away in Siliguri. When they discovered that a wild elephant was trapped in the reservoir, they jumped into action.

They arrive at the reservoir to assess the poor creature’s condition. The Army brought with them a bevy of gear, including construction vehicles and a fire engine.

Already a crowd was forming. People from all over were eager to see if these heroes could pluck the drowning elephant from the waters.

As the elephant struggled and gasped for air, the humans tried to reassure it the best they could. But how can they rescue this animal, without causing further harm?

Quickly they went to work coming up with solutions to save this infant elephant. Workers from the Ministry of Defense extended hoses and other apparatus that the elephant could latch onto.

To its credit, the young elephant tried to use the offered life lines. Sadly, none were adequate for pulling it out of the reservoir.

The Army refused to be deterred, though. Even if they had to dismantle a part of the reservoir, they were going to save this elephant.

Using a powerful backhoe, they began to carefully chip away at the reservoir’s wall. Their hopes were that they could remove this obstacle so that the baby elephant could easily climb out.

It took some hard work and labor, but they finally lowered the barrier. The baby elephant, exhausted but grateful, climbed through the opening and made it to safety.

Because of the tireless efforts of the Indian Army, this adorable baby elephant was able to walk free.

Source: NTD

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Written by Adam Casalino

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