Adorable Baby Foxes Playing at Grandma’s House Turn Her Porch into a Fairy Tale

Recently, Reddit user Vechrotex helped make the internet a happier place. You see, some adorable baby foxes showed up at his grandma’s house — and proceeded to turn her back porch into a fairy tale.


Now, we all know that late spring and early summer are the best times for finding baby animals. Well, if you live in the woods like Vechrotex’s grandma does — spring is a very busy time.

baby foxes
Image from Reddit

You see, the lucky lady woke up one morning and found a lone baby fox playing happily on her back porch. She snapped the photograph above thinking that would be the last she saw of the little thing.


Well, the woman couldn’t believe her eyes when the little baby red fox came back a few days later. She was even more surprised when the little thing brought siblings along.

baby foxes
Image from Reddit

You see, by nature, foxes are generally shy and they don’t come into human areas that often. Apparently, though, these particular baby foxes didn’t get the memo.

baby foxes
Image from Reddit

As you can see in that photo, the baby fox licking Grandma’s window isn’t shy at all.


According to comments on the post, Vechrotex says the babies keep coming back.

baby foxes
Image from Reddit

Always, though, the baby foxes mama stays close by to keep an eye on things.

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