Baby Goat Meets a Very Curious Infant and Has the Best ‘Conversation’ We Have Ever Heard

Babies are cute. And occasionally, they’re very funny. Baby animals are also cute. And occasionally, even funnier. And when you bring a human baby and a baby goat together for the first time, you get internet magic.

Baby goat

When an infant was brought up to meet a baby goat on a farm, one might assume there’d be some awkwardness.

After all, the human baby doesn’t really have any idea what he’s looking at. He might just try tugging on the little goat’s ears.

And on the flip side, the baby goat probably doesn’t care much about the infant (unless it’s holding food pellets).

You wouldn’t think they’d have a lot to talk about, at any rate.

But boy, would you be wrong.


These two have LOTS to talk about and they hold a very intriguing conversation!

They don’t use words, of course, but it’s clear they’re communicating on some level. They even pause to give the other a chance to speak.

Any guesses on what they might be talking about?

Check out the adorable interaction in the video below:

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe all that matters is that this remains one of the most adorable videos of 2018 so far. 😉

Source: Animals Being Cute

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