The Exhausted Calf Slipped Deeper as Its Deadly Mom Stood Over It. What Could Be Done?

Two fisherman were planning a relaxing day on the water.

As they were traveling across the lake, however, they heard cries for help from a some kind of animal.

Investigating further, they surveyed the shore as they drifted.

Suddenly they saw it! A massive mama moose was dancing frantically on the shore.

Looking down, they say that her calf had slipped into the water and was stuck in deep mud!

Making matters worse, moose are among the deadliest animals in the world! And this mama was REALLY agitated.

Thankfully, these fisherman knew just what to do.

They waited on the mama to ensure that she would not attack them, and to see if she herself was able to do the saving.

When she couldn’t, they waited and observed, hoping for a chance to move in and rescue the calf.

Eventually mama moved a little ways off and they seized the opportunity!

The exhausted calf didn’t put up a fight as they lifted it into their boat. It seemed to understand that the fishermen were there to help.

Soon, after making sure that mama was a safe distance away, they got their chance to return the little guy to the shore.

It didn’t take him long to find his land legs and go looking for his undoubtedly relieved mother!

What a brilliant thing to do: be patient to see if nature would take its course, and since it didn’t, provide a small boost to survival.

These fishermen should be commended for their efforts, don’t you agree?

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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Written by Cate Bryan

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