Baby Squirrel, Frozen and Near Death, Wasn’t Given a Chance. She Needed a Miracle.

Nick Radford was in the woods taking photos one day when he found a tiny baby squirrel laying on the ground. It looked like he was freezing to death out in the cold with no shelter.

Nick didn’t see a nest or any mama or daddy squirrels anywhere nearby. He felt really bad for the little guy. So, he thought about it for a few minutes and weighed his options.

If he left the baby squirrel out there, he would surely die. If he took the baby squirrel home with him and tried to nurse him back to health he could still possibly die. But, there was a chance he just might make it.

So, Nick took that chance. He quickly took the freezing squirrel into his car and made a bed for him out of his jacket. Then he headed home.

Once he got home, he made a cozy nest for the baby squirrel and made sure he was getting all warmed up. While he waited, he decided to give the baby squirrel a name, and came up with the name Apple Moonbeam.

After a little while, Apple Moonbeam woke up and started acting hungry. So, Nick did some research on what to feed baby squirrels and ended up feeding him through a syringe.

After Apple Moonbeam had gotten most of his strength back, Nick introduced him to the rest of the family, his two dogs. They were thrilled to meet him.

It was clear to see that Apple Moonbeam was a hit with everyone in the family. He was instantly comfortable enough to play and run all over the dogs. And, the dogs were just as comfortable to let him.

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this? The dogs and Apple Moonbeam have bonded for sure!

What would seem a very unlikely group of animals ended up being a perfect family. What do you think? Would you be willing to save a wild animals life like Nick did by bringing them into your home?

In many circumstances it would not be the right move to make, but it seems in this one it definitely was.

Source: Honest To Paws

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Written by Margo Phillips

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