This Beautiful Beagle Loves His Baby Sister, Watch Him Babysit, It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Some dogs have the uncanny ability to recognize that a baby needs something inherently different than an adult. They understand that they are smaller, less independent and more in need of assistance and supervision.

This is true for the interactions that these pets have with human as well as animal babies. This is the story of one such dog. Charlie is a Beagle with a huge heart that will melt yours.

Charlie is a smart dog who loves being around his people. So, when his human mom and dad brought home a new baby girl named Laura, Charlie was thrilled.

Charlie had already been taught to do some amazing things. He could play a little tune on a keyboard. He could push the button at an intersection to signal the need for a stop light change and he could even push his new baby sister’s swing.

Charlie is so thrilled to have a little sister that he even helped change her diapers. But there is one thing that Charlie never had to be taught to do. Love his new little sister.

“We taught our dog how to play keyboard, how to change traffic lights and how to swing a baby crib, but we never had to teach him how to love our daughter, his human mom said.

Charlie’s love for his little sister came as naturally to him as it did to her parents. And they clearly love Charlie all the more for it.

Watch below and see for yourself. Charlie’s helps his mom feed Laura and entertain her. He even brings her a blanket and lays it carefully over the baby. Charlie is the ultimate babysitter.

He licks Laura’s fingers clean, hugs her and wags his tail the entire time. He even licks her to help calm her when she is upset.


Charlie is Laura’s best friend. The two play together and snuggle together and love one another completely.

This is one lucky little girl. She has no idea what a life full of love she will have with Charlie around. And Charlie looks absolutely thrilled to have his little sister to play with and care for each and every day.

Source: We Love Animals



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