Dad Captures Beagle Meeting Baby For The First Time, See Why It Brought Tears To His Eyes

This is so touching…

Many people will tell you not to bring a dog into a home with a baby. They fear how both the dog and the baby will respond and fear takes over.

Often, however, a family already has a dog when a new baby enters the family. In those cases, each family has to make a decision.

The family in this video decided to keep their beagle and their new baby separated for several months.

My wife and I were worried about how the dog would react to a baby, so we kept them apart for a few months,” Scott Moore wrote on his You Tube channel. “This is when they get introduced to each other.

While it is understandable that Moore and his wife would be cautious with their newborn, they clearly have nothing to worry about. These two are going to be the best of friends.

The beagle makes the first introduction, walking over to and then sniffing his new baby brother. Then it’s the baby’s turn.

He rolls over, gets up on his hands and needs, and crawls over to his beagle brother. The baby gently reaches out to touch the beagle.

Both baby and beagle were as sweet and gentle as could be. The beagle repeatedly goes close to the baby and rolls over for a good belly rub.

Of course, the baby didn’t pick up on this quite yet. Rest assured that the baby will happily rub his beagle’s belly soon enough.

Like any good beagle, the video ends with some doggie kisses all over the baby’s face.

These two are already fast friends. What a lovable companion this child will have as he grows up.

Watch the video to see the adorable new bond unfold.

Source: Little Things

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