Beans Is Covered In Moldy Disease-Ridden Mats, Extreme Makeover Has Him Kicking Up His Paws

For this senior poodle in California, a haircut and a bath was enough to set his spirits soaring!

He had been living on the streets so long that his hair had become a felted, matted mess.

Beans was taken to the county shelter, where he got his first lucky break after they contacted the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on his behalf.

The rescue, located in San Francisco, was glad to take the deserving dog into their care.

Poor “Beans” had so many mats that even his mats had mats!

He little resembled the fashionable poodles we see prancing around show rings, but in his heart, he knew that dog was in there somewhere.

He hadn’t been loved and cared for in a very long time, but obviously, in the past, he must have known loving hands.

When the volunteer groomer, who couldn’t wait to free him from his knotted prison, cranked up the clippers, Beans seemed to relax like a woman visiting an expensive day spa.

He allowed her to do everything necessary to remove the mats from his body. After months, perhaps years, of them getting wet and moldy and dirty, it must have been a great relief to be clean again.

The poor dog had been so miserable that he had chewed some of his body almost to the skin trying to get beneath the mats.

Now, he could actually scratch an itch without getting a toenail tangled up in a mat…and still get no relief!

Oh! How wonderful that first blast of warm water much have felt to him! And the feel of soapsuds being massaged into his hair must have been true Nirvana.

The wonderful groomer was able to save enough of Beans’ hair that he could feel beautiful again. His cute little haircut matches his plucky personality.

Soon, he was zipping around like a puppy, showing off his “new do” to anyone who would take the time to say hello. “How do you like me now?” Indeed! Cool Beans!

To all the volunteers at Muttville who help so many dogs every day, and who gave Beans a new lease on life…THANK YOU!

Source: I Heart Dogs

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