Small Village Uncovers a Massive & Mysterious Skeleton — Could it Be?

Deep inside an outlying Chinese province lies a controversial mystery and it all started with a skeleton. And you aren’t going to believe what they think it might be.

Mysterious skeleton

Millions of people have witnessed video of the discovery.

Debate is raging over the authenticity of the evidence.

If it’s not proven a hoax, how does this evidence affect known history?

A skeleton 60 feet long with a horned skull and short, clawed arms is the shocking revelation captured on video.

Is it a dragon?

The remains are believed to be from a “mythical” dragon. The skeleton was found by residents of Zhangjiakou City in China’s Hebei Province.

Image from YouTube Video

A video shows the “dragon skeleton” intact, lying in a field. Villagers surround the dragon bones.

Many locals and others across the internet believe this is proof the fabled beasts live.

The video 

Video of the beast’s bones has gone viral on the internet with 10 million views. That exposure would make any Hollywood star drool.

Image from YouTube Video

This purported Chinese dragon wouldn’t fly across the sky like a winged dragon in Western mythology or Medieval times.

This slithery giant would move as if swimming through the clouds – much like dragons depicted in Chinese literature or on the placemat at a Chinese restaurant.

Skeptics of the discovery abound.


Authorities haven’t confirmed the authenticity of the skeleton. But they haven’t claimed it a hoax either.

If it’s a prank, with bones intentionally placed as props, no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility.

Fact or fable, the debate continues across the internet.

Whether this supposed dragon is truth or hoax, watch to decide:

What do you think? Could this be a dragon? Tell us in the comments.

Source: NTD TV

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