Bella Is Told To Stop Swimming And She Throws A Temper Tantrum, It Has The Entire Internet In Stitches

Some dogs do not like being too close to water. Some dogs like it. And then there are some dogs who simply love the water.

We have all seen them, those pets who look like dogs but take to the water like a fish. They see a pool, a lake, a pond or a river and run in at full speed.

Some breeds of dogs are simply more apt to enjoy the water than others. The German Shepherd in this video is most definitely in love with the water.

Bella and her family were enjoying a relaxing day at a local waterway. When it was announced to Bella that it was time to leave, she could not have been more disappointed.

Bella whimpered, splashed and begged her people to let her stay in the water. But all the while, this precious pooch slowly eased herself out of the water complying with the directions of her family.


But after another moment or two delay, the call of the water was simply too strong. Bella jumped back into the water for one last swim. Bella is splashing about and frolicking the water as if it were the best place to play in the entire world.


You can almost hear Bella crying out, “Five more minutes, please Mom! Do we really have to go? I don’t want to go?”

Dog lovers all over the world have enjoyed this video. With tens of thousands of views, dog lovers and parents alike can relate to the constant begging to stay in the water a little longer.

Source: We Love Animals

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