Belle The Beagle’s Dad Has Life-Threatening Seizure – You Have To See What She Does To Save Him

Stories such of heroism are always moving. But stories that have a pet as the hero make them even more compelling.

Belle is a Beagle who lives with her owner, Kevin Weaver, in Ocoee, Florida. Kevin is a lifelong sufferer of diabetes and is prone to seizures.

He was talking to his seatmate on a plane one day about his condition and about Belle when the other passenger suggested that Belle be trained as a medical assistance dog.

Kevin gave it some thought and enrolled Belle in a training program. reported that “Belle was taught to lick Mr Weaver’s nostrils to smell his breath, reading his ketone level. If something is not right, Belle knows to start scratching Mr Weaver’s leg, warning him to adjust his sugar levels before a seizure comes on.”

“For a worst-case scenario, Belle was taught to bite down on Weaver’s phone – specifically on the 9 key, which had been programmed to dial 911.”

Belle’s training paid off. Kevin had a serious diabetic seizure rendering him unconscious on the kitchen floor. Belle remembered her training and bit his phone and chomped down on the keypad, causing the phone to make a call.

The dispatchers heard Belle barking and felt that was enough to go check to see what was going on. Kevin woke up in the hospital dazed and confused. He looked down and there was Belle who had caught a ride with Kevin in the ambulance.

He wasn’t sure what was going on at the moment, but he knew if Belle was there it was going to be okay. He soon recovered and they went back home.

Because of Belle’s quick thinking, she has been deemed a hero. In fact, she was flown to Washington to receive an award for saving Kevin’s life. On top of that, she met with her congressman where she was awarded a certificate and a medal.

Belle may be a hero, but she’s Kevin’s best friend. He said owes her his life. He said:

“There is no doubt in my mind that I’d be dead if I didn’t have Belle.”

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