Her Beloved Dog Was Saved…When Police Reveal Where He Was Found, She Bursts Into Tears

Police officers risk their lives each and every day.

Usually, it’s to keep their fellow humans safe from harm.

But every now and then, a dedicated officer of the law will risk his life to save a furry friend, and it’s awfully poignant.

Here’s a touching post-Thanksgiving example from Orlando, Florida:

Corporal Thorpe was patrolling the busy highways in the area during rush hour when he spotted something he couldn’t believe:

A dog was trying to cross the road filled with thundering traffic, and he was obviously petrified!

It didn’t look like the poor pooch was going to make it, so Thorpe made a split-second decision…

He quickly pulled his patrol car off the road, jumped out, and made a dash for the terrified pup.

That’s right, he ran into traffic to save the dog and even though you can expect people to slow down for a cop, it’s still extremely dangerous.

Thankfully, Cpl. Thorpe was able to get the frightened pooch and himself to safety.

As it turns out, the dog’s name is Teddy Bear and he’d wandered away from his home on Thanksgiving Day.

The family had been looking but couldn’t find their beloved pet. It was just a miracle that officer Thorpe spied him and saved him!

For some truly heartrending pictures, check out the story on the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

What a perfect tale (tail?) for the holiday season! 😉

Source: Facebook, iHeartDogs

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