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Who’s a good boy?!

Whether you are an extrovert looking for a dog to match your personality or an introvert that needs a four-legged assist meeting other people at the dog park, not all breeds are created equal.

Our friends over at I Heart Dogs have compiled a list of the 10 most social breeds. Great information if you are thinking about a new pooch!

Labrador Retrievers

Among the most popular breeds for good reason, labs are often used as disability dogs thanks to their sharp brains and social nature. Pleasant and outgoing, labs are near the top of every best bread list.

Golden Retrievers

Goldens were bred as hunting dogs, but make great pets. They love the water and being outdoors so they need lots of exercise. They are great with kids and are loyal members of the family.

Springer Spaniels

Another dog bred for hunting, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is one of the most affectionate and loyal dogs on our list. They are known to be very protective of their humans, especially children. They also get along well with other pets in the house.


These gentle and fun dogs are perfect for almost everyone! Smaller than the previous dogs on the list, they are great for apartment dwellers and growing families. They also come in a variety of colors. That may help explain why so many celebrities sport these vivacious companions.


Poodle actually refers to several related breeds including giants, miniatures, standard and toys. The second smartest breed on our list, poodles are also versatile and active. They need both exercise and intellectual stimulation to be the best that they can be.


Despite its history and popularity in England, the bulldog is also among the most popular breeds in the US. Described as kind, resolute and courageous, bulldogs are perfect family dogs and companions.

St. Bernards

The massive St. Bernard is renowned for arctic rescue, but these “gentle giants” are known as smart, loyal and patient. They are great with kids, but they do need to be around people and other dogs for optimal socialization.

Bearded Collies

Bred as herding dogs, “beardies” mostly serve as family companions today. These dogs are high energy and require a lot of grooming, but the trade off is that they are one of the most intelligent, fun and loyal pets in the world.

Pit Bulls

Some people will be surprised to see the American Pit Bull Terrier on the list. Despite their reputation, a properly trained and socialized “pittie” can be a great dog. Loyal and protective, they also have a fun-loving attitude and high intelligence if you have the time and energy to work with them.


Beagles are small hunting hounds that have proven to be great companions as well. Even-tempered, gentle and merry, these sweet little dogs love giving and getting attention like few others.

Source: I Heart Dogs

Source: American Kennel Club

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