Bird sees dog playing with his favorite ball, then puts on a display like you’ve never seen

This video is HILARIOUS!

Have you ever seen a bird stand up to a dog?

This adorable dachshund puppy was playing with the birds favorite ball in the middle of the kitchen when the bird (a lorikeet) comes running in out of nowhere.

He was not pleased.

I mean, I know pets can be possessive of their toys, but I’ve never seen a video quite like this one!

Check it out here:

Isn’t that amazing?

It’s easy to forget sometimes that even though our furry (and feathered) friends are much smaller than humans, they still often have some incredible levels of intelligence.

Bigger birds like ravens have even been trained to say hundreds of words and can easily solve complicated multi-step puzzles.

Good job on this cute dachshund puppy for playing nicely with his bird friend and giving us something to smile about. =)

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Source: Imgur 

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Written by Collin

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