Blind Pooch Gets His Own Service Animal

When a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Terfel came to the attention of Anne Cragg, she rushed to his aid.

He had been owned by a very abusive person who, when Terfel was just a puppy, threw him into a wall destroying his sight and severely damaging his hearing.

Terfel lived a lonely, sad, and frightened life until Anne came to his aid.

Anne changed all that!


Still, however, Terfel refused to try to lead anything like a healthy life. He laid in his blanket, afraid to move about for fear of bumping into things.

Then one day, Anne heard about a little cat that needed rescue.

And, Pwditat (we are assuming that is pronounced “Puddy-Tat” as in “I thought I saw a…”) came to live with Anne and Terfel.

Pwditat had gotten quite a reputation for being a bully to other cats. But, once he met Terfel, his being a bully was forgotten.

“Pwditat immediately seemed to know that Terfel is blind through some sort of sixth sense that animals have,” said Anne.

The kitty apparently sensed that Terfel needed him, and he was ready for action as a seeing-eye-cat.


At first, Terfel wasn’t having any part of it. He was tolerant of Pwditat’s advances, but he refused to let the little cat force him out of his safety zone.

Then, one day, Terfel got up and followed Pwditat for a few steps. Soon, he was following the little cat not only around the house but outside and into the garden.

For six years now, Terfel and Pwditat have been inseparable. They walk about all day together, Terfel for the first time in his life being able to enjoy his life instead of just exist through it.

Anne says that wherever you see one of them, you see the other.


Terfel’s nose usually touching Pwditat’s tail as he follows him about, confident that Pwditat won’t let him bump into anything.

These two unlikely best friends prove that everyone has a soul-mate somewhere. And when you find yours, you need to hold on tight.

Source: NTD TV

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