Treasure The Boxer Just Adopted The Strangest Litter In History!

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Dogs give birth to dogs.

That’s just common sense.

And while it’s certainly possible for animals to make friends with animals of a different species, when it comes to parenting…well, it’s pretty straightforward.

Chances are, an animal is only going to care for and help raise similar animals.

But Treasure the boxer is breaking all the rules.

The former stray isn’t young anymore but that hasn’t stopped him from adopting a litter of her very own.

It’s just not what you – or anyone – would expect.

Treasure’s owner is Wes Trevor, who owns Spectrum Plants in Australia’s Gold Coast.

One day, somebody gave Wes a brand new litter of 8 beautiful baby piglets, but he had no idea what to do with them.

That’s when Treasure stepped up.

He actually lets the piglets nurse and though that may seem strange, the vet says it’s perfectly okay.

On top of which, Treasure keeps a close eye on the 8 piglets, caring for them the same way she would a litter of puppies.

As Trevor said:

She does it for the fun of it… One day they escaped and she sort of went after them…and acted like the mother.

Spectrum Plants is obviously all about plants, but people have been starting to show up just to see Treasure and her 8 adorable charges.

Hey, a mom is a mom!

When young’uns need to be cared for, a kindhearted female is always ready to help…even if she’s of a different species. 😉

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

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