These Pet Brothers From Other Mothers Are Too Adorable – Number 4 Is Priceless

Mark Taylor at Warren Photographic was given an idea.

Use the company’s vast library of pet photos from their pet photography business to find some unusual combinations.

“It was my mum that came up with the inspiration for matching animals when a friend suggested she try it with her matching seal-point Birman kitten and dwarf bunny. I have continued her great work,” Taylor explained.

These animal pairs are ones you’ll just have to see to believe.

Am I looking in the mirror?


Bunny and kitten twins.


Nap time!


These two are so close it’s spooky!


All together now…awww!


Shhh. Don’t wake him.


It’s Bambi and Thumper!


Go ahead. It’s okay to laugh.


So sweet!


Cruella DeVille…eat your heart out!

Source: Happy Cats Online

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