Bruno Has Become A Legend For His Daily Walks, Where He Goes Has Locals Astounded…

He was found as a stay pup by a man passing the home of the LaVallees just outside town. The man brought the dog to the LaVallee door asking if he belonged to them or any other their neighbors.

No one knew where the pup came from.

Larry LaVallee decided the homeless stray was too adorable to let go.

He named the dog Bruno, and the pup soon made his mark on the small town now his home.

Bruno wasn’t the type of dog that was content tied up in the yard. LaVallee had to let Bruno run loose because the dog almost hurt himself struggling against his chain.

That freedom was all Bruno needed as he began what is now his famed daily 4-mile trip into town and back.

Townsfolk, especially any newer to town, at first would call LaVallee and let him know his dog was “lost.”

But Bruno wasn’t lost, he was on a mission.

Bruno makes his regular rounds to town attractions – city hall, the ice cream shop, the grocery store.

As the “town dog and ambassador,” Bruno is treated with his share of snacks, water and plenty of petting. Residents know to keep an eye out for the wandering pooch and drive by him carefully.

Bruno’s dedicated walks into town have endeared him to Longville townsfolk.

Bruno is so beloved the town even built a monument to him.

He’ll always be the talk of the town.

Watch this video of locals showing their adoration for the adorable pooch –

Source: I Heart Dogs

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