She Tells Her Dog She Loves Her, How The Dog Responds Brings Her To Tears

It is heartwarming to hear stories of the impact that people and dogs have one another.

Animal lovers rescue dogs from shelters, from abuse, from neglect, and from hopeless situations.

Dogs love their people unconditionally, and that puppy love is more evident that most people are able to communicate to one another.

People and their pets often express their love and affection for one another. After all, who doesn’t love a good snuggle from a favorite furry friend?

Many of us often tell our pets how much we love them and what a good boy or girl they are.

It is a bit more unusual for a pet to respond.

But that is exactly what appears to happen in this video. A woman gently holds her small puppy as he is wrapped up in a warm red sweater.

She holds him, talks to him and kisses him. He returns the affection snuggling with her, loving on her and talking back to her.

The shocking part of this story comes when the woman tells her dog that she loves him.

He answered back in what sounds amazingly like the words “I love you.”

Both the woman and the man filming the video are in awe over the dog’s response. The woman prompts again telling the dog that she loves him.

And again, he responded with his doggy version of “I love you.”

What do you think? Are dogs really able to express their love verbally? Are they mimicking us? Or are we reading too much into what we hear?

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