Bulldog Watching A HORROR Movie – TRIES To Be Brave But…

Some people love horror movies. They thrive on the excitement and adrenaline that build as something frightening occurs.

Others of us prefer less frightening entertainment. We hide from horror movies.

Then there are those who watch the movies but who can’t seem to keep their mouths shut. You know the type.

These are the people who yell at the television like the people on the other side can hear what they’re saying and respond to them.

Watch this brave bulldog as he watches a horror movie with his person. Just as we begin to get agitated as danger approaches, so does this pup.

He and his person enjoy watching horror movies that they posted a video of them doing it.

You have to see how he responds.

“Khaleesi the bulldog loves watching horror movies and always tries to protect any potential victims from harm, writes his owner Dawn Curran.

“She is especially vocal when children are in danger as seen in this clip.

Khaleesi gets a little agitated and appears on the edge of his seat (or bed) as he senses danger. His eyes are glued to the television as he appears to warn the girl on the television of the danger that awaits.

As the excitement in the movie builds, he moves closer to the edge of the bed and barks out more warnings, just like many humans do when they yell at the television.

This dog’s protective instincts must be intense. If he protects people he doesn’t know on television, just imagine how protective he must be of the people he knows and loves!

Source: Bored Panda

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