BUNNY BENEFITS! Cats And Dogs Rule, But Vet Says Rabbits Are The PERFECT Pet For Kids, Here’s Why!

Many parents want their children to grow up experiencing the joy and responsibility that comes with having a pet. But lifestyles and preferences often limit the choices.

Many families, for example, won’t get a dog because of the time and attention demands a dog requires.

Others may not opt for a dog because they believe it unfair to have a dog without having a yard in which to run around. So, what’s a family to do?

Many families in this situation opt for smaller mammals or fish. Rodents such as mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs are favorites.

But don’t count out the bunny! Rabbits are quite interactive but not nearly as demanding as many other pets.

Vet Street offers ten reasons why a rabbit might be a good fit for your family.

  1. They are quiet. If you live in an apartment, a quiet animal may be a necessity. Rabbits are quiet enough that they won’t bother your neighbors and won’t wake you at night.
  2. They have great personalities. People often don’t realize that rabbits have personalities just like dogs and cats do. Some are shy and reserved while others are more active and playful. Make sure you get to know the rabbit before you adopt one to make sure that his personality fits yours and your lifestyle.
  3. They bond with their owners. Dog owners know what we’re talking about here. Dogs love on us and care for us in such clear and obvious ways. Rabbits can do the same. They can bond with their owners, recognize them and come when called.
  4. They need less space. This is another great benefit if you live in an apartment or already have too much stuff in your house. Rabbits can happily live in relatively small cages as long as they get a couple of hours a day to run around and get some exercise. And they don’t need to be walked!
  5. They can be trained. Rabbits can be taught to use litter boxes and even to do some tricks. Train them with small treats just like you would a dog.
  6. They live a long time. Pet rabbits can live for eight to twelve years when properly cared for.
  7. They have a lot of variety. Just like dogs and cats, there are many breeds of rabbits of all shapes, sizes and colors.
  8. They need to be rescued. There are many rabbit shelters where animal lovers can adopt animals in need of a forever home.
  9. They are clean. Once they are litterbox trained, rabbits are incredibly clean pets. Some long-haired breeds do require brushing to avoid too much shedding.
  10. They’re cute! Enough said.

Source: Vet Street



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