Pulling Open The Bus Door, The Driver Looked Down To See Savannah’s Waiting Pet. “That’s No Dog!”

We’ve seen videos of dogs waiting at the bus stop for kids returning home from school. It warms the heart to see such a bonded relationship between a child and their pet.

But one little girl has a ‘different’ kind of friend who sprints toward the bus when the school day is over to get her.

Little 13-year-old Savannah from Atlanta, Texas developed a unique relationship with her pet it’s perhaps the most unique friendship you’ll ever see.

The Burns family bought a baby rooster. Just after getting him home they noticed something weird about him. They’d had many chickens in the past, but this little guy had weird tufts of feathers on his feet, and he walked in a funny way.

They explained that “He didn’t walk – he hopped. My son was like, ‘It’s hopping like a frog. We should name him ‘Frog.'”

That was just the beginning of them discovering Frog’s uniqueness.

They began noticing that he didn’t want to hang out with chickens, but would rather hang out around the house with the family instead.

“He was very attentive. He wasn’t interested in what the chickens were doing, he was interested in what the humans were doing.”

But it was Savannah that Frog loved the most. He wanted to be wherever she was whether it was outside playing or in the bathroom getting ready for school.

Then Frog started following her to the bus stop, and when he saw it coming to drop her back home he took off like a rocket to greet her and she would carry him back to the house.

He mom said, “He hears the bus stop a few houses down on the county road. And then he’s running down to the end of the driveway before it gets there. Every day.”

No doubt that these two are best friends forever!

Watch Frog run to get Savannah from the bus; it’s both hilarious and heartwarming!

Source: Sharetap

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