This Cow Just Had A Calf, Everyone Thinks It Looks Like Gene Simmons, Do You Agree?

We have all heard humorous tales of people and their animals behaving alike or seen pictures of animals and their owners looking alike.

Sometimes, the resemblance can be uncanny. At the very least, it proves to be quite comical.

Now a baby cow is making headlines for her looks. No, she does not look like her owner. Instead, she looks like someone famous. And the resemblance is remarkable.

This calf born at the end of July is believed by many to look exactly like Kiss lead singer, Gene Simmons. The calf has markings that are eerily similar to those that Simmons paints on his face for performances.

The calf is even shown sticking out its tongue seeming to mimic Simmons’ trademark gesture.

The calf, born in Kerrville, Texas, has been named Genie in honor of his famous lookalike. Dangerous Minds reported that Genie’s looks have already gotten her a job.

She will be a mascot for a local steakhouse. A couple of local dude ranches are also hoping to use her likeness.

USA Today reported that the day after her birth, “the central Texas tourism resource Hill County Visitor shared a Facebook post noting the calf’s striking resemblance to Simmons.”

Apparently, she is also helping to make her town a tourist destination.

Drew Taylor of the Hill County Visitor, reportedly saw a photo of the calf while dining at the Cowboy Steak House when an employee, Heather Taccetta, showed him the photo of the calf just born on her ranch.

“I told her, ‘Heather, this is so uncanny. I’m going to blow this up,” Taylor said. “And she just kind of said, ‘Sure, whatever.”

Now both Taylor and Taccetta are getting calls from the media seeking interviews and additional photos. Look at the photos for yourself and tell us what you think.

Source: Dangerous Minds



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