Owner Captures Video of His Cat Doing a Hilarious Dance and the Internet Can’t Get Enough

The world is divided into two kinds of people: morning people, and not morning people. Which category do you fall into?

Wake up!

The one thing they have in common is that we all have to have a morning eventually. Even if it comes at noon.

Some of us have to wake up slowly, amid many yawns and stretches.

Others hop out of bed like a shot, ready to take on the day. (Those in the first group are usually ready to kill those of the second group.)


Some of us get a cup of coffee first thing, others do yoga or meditate, some of us just sit and yawn and look blankly at a wall.

Whatever we do, it becomes necessary. How our morning routine goes is what determines the rest of our day.

And, it’s apparently not just us humans that get into a regular morning routine.

Kitty routine?

The owner of one cute little orange and white cat saw him acting really strangely one morning.

He didn’t think much about it, until the next day he saw the cat going through the exact same moves.

After a few days of watching him twitch, dance, stretch and cavort in exactly the same way, the man decided to video his pet.

Internet gold

Once he had his strange motions on record, he went a step farther and put it to music.

He thought his friends would get a kick out of watching his kitty “shake his groove thang.”


He had no idea that the resulting video would become wildly popular as people around the world stopped their own morning routines to watch his kitty slide, bounce and pose through his own ritual.

It’s difficult to say what was going through the kitty’s mind.

…especially during the part where he was dragging his bottom along the carpet.

Usually, when pets do that it means they have intestinal worms. In this kitty’s case, though, he’s doing it as part of his morning routine.

Midway through he has to stop and clean himself, because, well, that’s just what cats do.

But, after a brief intermission, he hopped right back into the middle of his routine.

Dancing with the Stars

At the end, in typical cat fashion, there was no stopping for autographs or answering questions from his adoring public.

Nope, just one jump up on the couch arm and poof, he was gone.

Watch the video below and see if you don’t agree that this kitty is ready for a round of Dancing With The Stars!?

Source: Cat Does A Hilarious Dance Every Morning, So His Owner Decides To Set It To Music by HappyCats on Rumble

Source: Honest To Paws

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Bobbye Hudspeth

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Bobbye Hudspeth is a freelance writer living in a little cabin on a creek in North Alabama. She shares her mini-farm with two mini dachshunds, two cats and two fantail pigeons. She is involved in animal rescue and is currently writing a book on combining aerobics and yoga...in the pool.

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