Bandit The Cat Begs Owner For Second Walk, Darts Out And Ends Up Saving A Life!

When we think of animals helping people, most of us think about dogs working as service animals to help those with disabilities.

But this preconception gives other animals a bad rap. Other animals can do just as much to help the humans they love as dogs can.

Bandit, an older cat in a no-kill shelter, proved that point. Although he was protected in the shelter, the people there knew he needed a home. It looked life his life would come to an end soon.

That’s when Fran Swayze met Bandit. The two fell in love and Fran knew she had to adopt Bandit.

Bandit settled down quickly into his new life with Fran. And Fran loved doting on her new companion. The two frequently went for walks together. It soon became an everyday event.

That all changed on one special day. Fran and Bandit went for their usual walk. But afterward, Bandit wanted to go back out again.

He meowed at the door incessantly until Fran agreed.

When they started their second walk, Bandit ran ahead of Fran and her daughter. When the two finally caught up to Bandit, they found what Bandit had been so desperate for them to see.

Mary Baker, Fran’s elderly neighbor, was lying on the ground.

Help me, help me, they heard Mary cry.

Mary had been out walking her dog when her blood sugar became dangerously low causing her to collapse.

If not for Bandit, no one knows how long Mary would have been lying on the ground or if she would even have survived at all.

“I’m blessed that I have good friends here. This is my extended family,” said Mary.

With his determination and love for others, Bandit saved Mary’s life. What a hero he turned out to be!

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