A Cat That Can Do Ballet? Can You Believe This?

We all know that cats are among the most graceful pets around. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but most cats have a natural grace and style that cannot be denied.

One homeowner caught his feline in all her graceful glory. This beautiful white cat named Miruko is a prima ballerina. His moves are unbelievable and even the most experienced ballerina would be jealous.

According to the Telegraph, Miruko’s graceful ballet moves have caught the attention of thousands. He has more than 40,000 followers on social media. Miruko and his owner, Chisa, live together in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Chisa is reportedly blown away by the attention the photos of Miruko have received.

“I started photographing my cat a year ago,” Chisa said. “I do it just for fun. I do not dedicate myself to photography professionally. I have received many comments and feedback. The truth is that I have been surprised, but I’m glad.”

Chisa asserts that his photos are all real and that he does not use Photoshop on any of his pictures. He does admit that he has to take and discard many others before he finds the right ones to post.

Chisa gets Miruko’s photos after throwing his favorite toys up in the air. Miruko leaps for joy as he jumps over and over again to catch his prized possessions.

Chisa says that he has three more cats. They do not have the same moves as Miruko, but they are trying. He said that his other cats are now starting to copy Miruko’s moves.

Source: Bored Panda



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