Man Suddenly Has OUTRAGEOUS Water Bills! It Was The Cat! OMG, Look What It Was Doing!

A lot of people talk about water conservation. To be sure, there are places in our country where this is a significant problem.

In addition to conserving water for the environment, homeowners also recognize the burden of water bills.

In some parts of the country, water bills can be extremely high.

One man recently noticed that his water bills were skyrocketing. Curt and his family looked for the cause, but they could find nothing wrong.

There were no apparent leaks. No one had begun using water excessively. Yet the bills continued to rise.

Then Curt began to notice that he would sometimes hear his toilet flush even when he knew he was the only one home. The toilet appeared to be in working order with no leaks.

He eventually decided to set up a hidden camera to catch the flushing culprit in the act.

“Hearing the toilet flush when I am in the house alone can be startling. Especially after watching ‘The Conjuring’…in the dark, Curt wrote in the original caption to this video.

Curt set up his trap and waited. It didn’t take long before he caught the culprit. Reminiscent of a scene in Meet the Fockers,

Curt’s cat had taught himself how to flush the toilet. And he seemed to be enjoying it!

Curt’s cat jumps up on the toilet seat. Instead of playing with the toilet paper or curling up for a nice rest like most cats would do, he flushes the toilet. Over and over again.

“He would flush it, and continue to hold pressure on the handle letting the water run continuously, Curt wrote on Reddit.

“He would also flush it over and over and over – he was obsessed with it.

If only the cat would use the toilet instead of the litter box, then Curt’s family might just save enough money on litter that they could afford his flushing habits.

Source: Little Things

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