Cat Hears Baby Getting Very Fussy, Gently Hops In The Crib To Work His Magic


One of the hardest parts of being a new parent is caring for your child when they are sick or hurt.

Those moments when babies cry for no apparent reason are among the worst as everything you try to do to soothe your child seems to fail.

Animals seem to have the ability to comfort as well as or even better than many humans do. The cat in this video clearly loves her family’s new baby.

The gorgeous cat sits in the baby’s cradle as he wiggles and fusses a little. She gently and lovingly places her paws on his legs and comforts him.

It is easy to imagine her telling him that she loves him, that she is there for him and that he will be just fine.

The baby’s response is heartwarming. He seems so at ease with having his cat sister with him. He coos and smiles and wiggles happily.

And the entire time, the cat patiently and gently keeps her paws on him where he can see and feel her presence.

We all know that dogs make great service animals because of their amazing ability to comfort us and help us.

But we often forget that cats such as this one can also be a great comfort to us. And this video goes to show that age does not matter.

A loving animal will love their family unconditionally no matter what species they are.

It sounds like humans have a lot to learn from animals like the cat in this video.

Source: The Veterans Site

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