When The Family Cat Goes Into A Seizure, This Little Piglet Knows Just What To Do

Pigs get an undeserved bad rap in the press. Even people who love and keep pigs as pets sometimes give them very unfunny names like “Bacon” and “Pork Chop.”

Anyone who has gotten to a know a special pig knows that they are one of the most intelligent of animals. They can be housetrained, sometimes easier than some dogs.

Having a pig as a pet definitely isn’t something for everyone, even the proudest pig proponent will tell you. A lot of pigs end up in rescue situations through no fault of their own.

Swayed by the promise of a “micro pig that will never get big” people bring home adorable little baby piglets. And are horrified to watch them grow to a hundred pounds or more.

Note! There is no such thing as a micro pig! All piglets are small and adorable. All piglets will grow up into big pigs. Some of them bigger than others. But, all big.

One such little piggy didn’t get a chance to go to market, stay home or eat roast beef. He was turned into the Rancho Relaxo pet sanctuary when he was just two weeks old.

Bearing the unusual moniker of “Batman” this little pig has jumped into hero status in the eyes of the world. And of the little black cat he has bonded with and provides medical attention to almost daily.

This Batman doesn’t ride around in a fancy black car. He doesn’t wear a cape or a mask. But, he is always there when his friend needs a helping hand. Or foot.

His friend is a cat who also lives at the Rancho Relaxo in New Jersey. Sriracha has a medical condition, feline cerebellar hypoplasia, that makes it difficult for her to walk. She also suffers from seizures.

Sometimes they come on quickly and are very violent. Shortly after being rescued by Rancho Relaxo, she found a rapid responder in Batman the piglet.

No one else has been able to make Sriracha feel better during her seizures. Batman provides whatever comfort is necessary to his little black furry friend whenever he is needed.

Sometimes Sriracha’s seizures leave her disoriented and weak for days. On those days, Batman doesn’t get far from her side.

The founder of Rancho Relaxo posted a video to Facebook recently about one of the most poignant of Batman’s tender moments with Sriracha. “Batman is our rescued orphan piglet. He is less than two weeks old now. He has been extra attached to Sriracha today. I swear he knows she has had a bad couple of days and feels the need to comfort her.”


Cross-species love and respect such as this should bring some facts home to us humans. If a little cat and a pig can not only get along but love each other, so should all we same-species humans!

“This is why I do what I do,” her Facebook post continued. “This is why my entire life is dedicated to the animals. They are the most beautiful things on this planet.”

We agree.

Check out more of the animals that find their home at Rancho Relaxo. You can also see more of Batman and Sriracha’s adorable friendship on Instagram.

Source: Animal Rescue Site

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

Bobbye Hudspeth is a freelance writer living in a little cabin on a creek in North Alabama. She shares her mini-farm with two mini dachshunds, two cats and two fantail pigeons. She is involved in animal rescue and is currently writing a book on combining aerobics and yoga...in the pool.

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