Cate The Cat Is Having A Conversation With Her Kittens…This Is The Most Precious Thing Ever

Parents have their own unique ways of talking to their children.

With the proverbial eye in the back of their heads, mothers seem to know when their kids are up to something.

Parents also have the ability to give a look or a single word that communicates approval or disapproval to their children in special and unique ways.

It is not surprising to animal lovers that animal moms have that same ability. They can talk with their children in ways that only their babies seem to truly grasp.

And it is not just the moms who have this ability to communicate. Baby animals are also able to communicate with their moms in ways that express love, hunger, frustration and even anger.

Check out this video from The Kits Cats.

You will see a momma cat named Cate and her kittens as they communicate with one another. It is the sweetest conversation you will hear all day!

There is nothing quite like watching this sweet momma cat with her kittens.

If you are a parent, you will definitely relate to this mom as she corrals all of her kittens, nurtures them and then snuggles up to nurse them.

The kittens are climbing over one another, stepping on each other and cuter than seems possible. Yet their mom stays completely in control of the situation.

This is the most precious thing ever!

If you have stories or videos of unique, cute or funny ways that animals communicate, we would love to see them.

Source: We Love Animals

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