This Cat Does The Most Hilarious Trick So Owners Know She Wants Inside, You’ll Die Laughing 

Most pets who go outside unattended have ways of letting their people know when they want to go out and when they are ready to come back inside.

They will come to you and nudge you, go to the door and sometimes even bring you their leash.

Some animals may scratch at the door when they want to be let out or let back in. Some people put in cat or dog doors to help their pets do this more independently.

Then there are cats like the one in this story. He has discovered his own way to communicate with his people. And it works beautifully.

Bruno has learned to ring the doorbell. He deftly jumps onto a windowsill adjacent to the door and doorbell. Then he rubs his head against the doorbell to make it ring.

Bruno waits patiently for a while. But he will continue to ring the doorbell if it is not answered soon enough. While he waits, he casually looks through the window or grooms himself.

When his person opens the door, Bruno happily jumps down and strolls into the house.

Bruno must be one of the smartest and most observant domestic cats around. Who else could copy the behavior he has seen in humans so well?

What an absolutely precious thing for this orange cat to do. Do your pets have any unique ways that they communicate with you? If so, we would love to hear more about them.

Source: We Love Animals



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