Check Out The Adorable New Friend this Kitty Brought Home Through the Cat Door

There’s an old saying, “Look what the cat dragged in.” Now we need a new one, “Oh no, who has the cat brought home this time?” Well, today, we have a story for you that’s both hilarious and adorable.


Many people have cats that enjoy hanging around outdoors. Remember, though, those cats get them things most pet owners never know about.

And that’s all good and well until they drag home some rodent they attacked in a flashback to their ancestral days in the wild.

But, as is the way with cats, sometimes they bring home something that actually brightens the day.

Cat door

Or, it follows them through the kitty door from the wild woods outside.

That’s what happened to one cat owner.

The cat comes strolling through the kitty door like he owns the place (in reality, he does, of course).

Good thing the owner didn’t stop video recording.

Next thing you know a funny looking critter pushes its way through the kitty door and stands up like he owns the place.


It was a fawn. The baby deer acted like he just walked right back into his own home and made himself comfortable.

The fawn’s quizzical, yet comfortable, demeanor makes the event all the more cute for anyone watching.

You have to love cats and the company they keep.

Even if it’s an unexpected wild animal shuffling through the kitty door into the house.

Source: We Love Animals

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