Frisbee The Mistreated Sick Street Cat Gets Saved From Agony – Gets An Unbelievable Makeover

How many times have you watched someone get a makeover on TV? You see them go from drab and ordinary to looking like a model.

We all know that if we could just get a makeover like that, our world would change. We would have more friends, could get a better job, or maybe, find that special someone to love forever.

The difference a makeover can have in your life doesn’t just apply to us humans. For one little cat in Massachusetts, it was literally the difference between life and death.

Frisbee has spent his life on the mean streets of Salisbury, Mass.

No one had ever paid him much attention until he was rounded up as part of a trap-and-release-spay-and-neuter campaign by the Lowell Trap Neuter Return Coalition.

The rescue society’s website states, “The effort our founders launched was one of the first in the nation to use Trap-Neuter-Return to improve the lives of free-roaming cats.”

“Once all of the cats had been trapped and fixed, we fed them twice a day at waterfront feeding stations and monitored them for illness, injury, and any new additions.”

“Those cats that showed an ability to be socialized were taken into foster care and adopters found.”

Frisbee didn’t go with them quietly. Rescuers had to really work to get him to finally enter a trap so he could be evaluated.

They realized immediately that this was not going to be a quick “sterilize and release.”

The cat’s orange-colored fur was dirty and matted, in the worst shape than most of the rescuers had ever seen.

Despite his young age, vets discovered that not only did he need a good grooming, he required dental surgery before he could be allowed to be returned to his home.

The rescue society told Love Meow, “He originally was found outside, severely matted (worst we have ever seen) and very hungry.”

“He was caught as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, and was discovered to be friendly and in need of serious dental surgery.”

The rescuers didn’t waste any time, knowing how dangerous dental issues can be to a cat. Frisbee got his much-needed dental care for his teeth almost immediately.

He also had his matted fur and knots shaved off. The transformation was incredible. It was as if he had truly become a different cat.

He went from being an unhappy feral cat to being one that thrived on human attention and care.

The society posted the story of Frisbee on their Facebook page and their website. They urged potential adopters to come by and meet Frisbee and the other cats in the shelter.

The 4th of July was approaching, and it’s sometimes difficult to adopt out animals during holidays. And time is always of the essence when you’re dealing with shelter rules and regulations.

The society wrote, “Frisbee is not overly impressed with the impending holiday, but still hopes he will have a home by then!”

“Stop by this week to meet Frisbee and our other cats hoping to have a home before the 4th!

Almost immediately their Facebook started getting replies and messages.

Frisbee had gone from being unknown and forgotten to being one of the most popular cats on the internet. All because of a haircut, bath, and a little dental care.

Although Frisbee didn’t leave the shelter before the 4th, a home was approved shortly afterward.

His new family reports that he quickly adopted one of their chairs as “his.”

Most of the shaved spots on his body have fully grown back in and he now has a lush and beautiful coat. He is living a wonderful life he never knew existed.

He won’t get to hear the oohs and aaaahs from a TV audience after the big reveal of his makeover, but he has the everyday cuddles and pats from his adoring family.

He doesn’t have to worry about where his next meal is coming from, and he gets to safely sleep in any comfortable spot he chooses.

What cat could ask for more?

Source: NTD TV

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